Environmental Policy

We are socially and environmentally responsible recycling company in each operating system is expected to be a part of . These best practices , and businesses make a significant contribution to sustainable development of the industry and society , and in part to the increase in shareholder value over time to encourage those responsible for the waste disposal methods .
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To protect the environment all the time and to limit the environmental impact of our processes, our paramount recognizes the importance of ensuring that the best practices are followed. By implementing appropriate procedures and control methods , we limit the risk and will have to reduce the environmental impact of our common . We make two appearances at the implementation , but also the development of a general management reviews . We fumes, liquids , dust, noise , and a bi- product of our business activities to a minimum that the hazardous waste pollution of all kinds , and to keep them as part of our environmental management system to monitor these levels .

For over a decade now , RECYCLE CATS businesses catalytic converter , it is a leader in the recycling industry through technology between the precious metal and oil to help fulfill their environmental responsibilities as an active and innovative role .

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RECYCLE CATS, our operations and business community, and do our best to ensure environmental compliance . In fact, the most important and far-reaching positive impact on our business, the nature of the enabling environment . In addition, you can send us each of the catalytic converter in automotive pollution eradication from the environment , as well as , in turn, reduces the demand for environmental abusive mining , the very limited resources ( platinum , palladium , rhodium ) contribute to the conservation .


Aceers technologies has been involving in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, the most prominent is being the school education program for poor children.

Education is the key to empowering the urban poor and helping them cross over the poverty line. To this end:

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  • We support and strengthen vulnerable communities through partnerships with the government, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and others.
  • We create infrastructure that reinforces and strengthens existing systems and processes.
  • We ensure quality in education through innovative practices such as:
  • Adopting schools and developing innovative academic practices for improvement
  • Reducing dropouts by providing knowledge systems that facilitate better learning
  • Rewards & Recognition for school children
  • Enhancing classroom based support and building capacities of stakeholders
  • Facilitating cross sharing of experiences and resources
  • Creating an enabling environment that encourages children to come to school

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